Marketing Loop ENG

Note: This concept was created in the beginning of 2009. year, so all inaccurate facts and methods should be viewed in that context.

Marketing Loop is a modern marketing technique of promoting products and /or services via social networks.

Method is based on the usage of various social networks and their base of users.

Users of one social network suggest products and /or services to users of another social network, to become fans, friends etc. at that other social network.

At LinkedIn to follow at Facebook, at Facebook to follow at MySpace, at Twitter to follow at MySpace, and so on in the circle.

The aim is to form a wide base of users adequate for promoting a specific item.

That wide base of users of different social networks is a great potential for strong promotional impact.

At first glance, it is not obvious that the message is, practically, identical and the same message is sent over and over again.

This technique enhances transformation of message to auditorium, as wide as possible, according to its preferences, because some of them prefer Facebook vs. MySpace, and vice verse.

Some of them are not at LinkedIn, but they are at Facebook, some of them use Twitter, others do not…

Every social network is specific, and users use it because of some advantages, features which are relevant to them…. and they make choices because of them.

Synchronization via Marketing Loop, at various social networks, enables promotion to the widest auditorium.

With Marketing Loop, effects of World Wide Rave start.

World Wide Rave is a concept of promoting and spreading ideas for free.

Users mutually recommend various things, suggest ideas thus spreading the wave of information. So, it is an illusion to waist energy and efforts in spreading ideas. It is necessary to develop another approach and make things free and spread them in the form of ideas.

That is the foundation of World Wide Rave concept!

Before starting, it is necessary to establish 2 things:

  1. Which social network is a starting point?
  2. Make plan of circulation.

Iteration is next:

  1. Make new Gmail account, Yahoo mail account and any free e-mail service account which is allowing import from the existing Inbox, whatever it is: business or private. Recommendation is to make Gmail account because it has more features and options like forwarding, making groups for e-mail sending etc
  2.  With a new e-mail address make Facebook or MySpace account. This account has the purpose of platform, starting point of the whole process. Choice depends on the type of business and the kind of service that will be promoted.
  3. During the process of making account, import address book both from business and private e-mail.
  4. Invite friends from different IM service (ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger etc) to become friends, followers at the chosen social network.
  5. Make account at all relevant social networks, and send invitation to join.
  6. At site, post overview of services, catalogue of products, any kind of information which you want to promote, and post that both in pdf. and doc. format. Allow option of free downloading, without previous registration.
  7. At all social networks invite everyone to visit the site and download promotion materials and to recommend same to others.
  8. The last phase in this process can be to export e – mail addresses of friends from a social network (this option is available just at some networks like Friendster). With those e – mail addresses it is possible to make ample e – mailing list.

Basically, this last phase is unnecessary, but because of some types of potential users or clients it can be done.

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